-The Stone Platter Collection-

Each Platter Has A Flattened Bottom That Is Sighned By Tyler Rand
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The Pitchoff Gneiss Platter

This Platter is carved from a a river tumbled piece of Ferosyanitic Gneiss. This Stone was at one point in its journey part of the south east facing cliff on the side of Pitchoff mountain between lake placid and Keene new york. Local rockhounds and geologists who have familiarized themselves with the areas geology, affectionately refer to the stone as "Pitchoff Gneiss".

Weight~ 25 Lbs.
Dimensions- 18' * 16'
Depth- 2'

The Gabbro Platter

This small platter is carved from a stone known as the Orthopyroxene Gabbro. This incredible hard cryptocrystalline platter has microcrystals of magnetite, pryroxene and garnet creating a color scheme unique within the Anorthosites and gneisses of the Adirondack high peak region. The sensuous curves of this petite platter bring to mind a molten form of the origional metamorphism of this stone 1.2 billion years ago.

Dimensions-11 1/2'' * 11 1/2''

                                The Ferro-Anorthosite Platter

This platter carved from a meta-Anorthosite, contains a magnificent array of labradorite as well as Andicine Felspar micro crystals, but, the most intriguing aspect of this plater is the magnetite micro crystals that shine silver against the contrasting feldspars. A green vein of orthopyroxene cuts across the platter drawing , your eye along the sensuous curves of this 1.4 billion year old piece of art.

Weight~ 39Lbs.
Dimensions-17'' * 17''

                               The Orange Labradorite Platter

This Platter carved from the Anorthosite found in the great range region of the Adirondack High Peaks contains several megacrystals of the rare, orange radiating  Labradorite. the high garnet and Pyrozene content made this stone especially hard for an Anorthosite. The perfect spherical shape of the platter was created by millennia of tumbling in a pot hole, and because of the hardness of the stone, was carved into a perfect stone platter.

Weight~38 Lbs.
Dimensions-19'' * 18''
Depth- 4 3/4''

Ferrosyanitic Platter

This Platter carved from a river tumbled piece of Ferrosyanitic gneiss was, prior to the pleistocene glaciation, part of the south east facing cliff on the side of Pitchoff mountain in between lake placid and Keene, New York. Deposited several miles north west of its origional ledge, this stone tumbled for millennia before being wedged in between two larger stones. The circumstances allowed for the water to carved this  piece of Ferrosyanitic gneiss into the unique shape of this beautiful platter.

Weight~ 29 Lbs.
Dimensions- 18 1/2'' * 13 1/2''
Depth-2 1/4''


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*weights and dimensions are approximate